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India’s leading SEO Company based in Delhi, providing complete SEO services in Delhi. In the modern marketing era, it’s very important for one to make their presence felt in the digital space. However, it’s more difficult for an individual or company to stand in the online market than that of an offline market because in the offline market the competition is limited with geographical restrictions but in the digital space, the market has no limit or boundaries making the competition higher and stuffed. The only way to stand tall in the market is to deliver what and when it’s asked online. For this one must be able to reach out to its targeted customers. People usually search for things or services they need on search engines and reach out to the results visible on the first page of results. A website that has been properly optimized for a specific keyword will surely rank on the top page of searched keywords on search engines.

Here is when we come into play, a team of the best of the best search engine optimization experts. We provide the best SEO service in Delhi. We do not believe in SEO that only aims at attaining maximum traffic through any means possible, we believe that traffic that is generated with the mere intention of increasing page views is not anything more than scrap. Ideal traffic is one that gets converted into ideal customers of the business. The aim of conversation of maximum traffic can only be attained when someone who knows all about the ranking of any webpage works on the site. Digital Dear comes up with a team of perfectionists who are working from years on different websites making them ideal websites in their niches.

SEO Services in Delhi

Rock-solid SEO Services that grows your business.

We are one of the top SEO companies in Delhi with a keen focus on ROI. We have helped more than 500 clients with our website design, SEO, and digital marketing services.

Our motto is not only to rank a website on page one of Google for any random keyword but to rank it on the first page of Google with keywords that will give the maximum ROI.

Now, most of the clients have questions that do we really need an SEO expert?
Google uses 200+ algorithms to rank a website on the top page for any specific keyword and it keeps updating its algorithms. However, Google or any search engine never discloses what are the true measures on which they rank a website so that no one could ever manipulate the search results. The only way to rank a website on top is proper optimization of the website giving maximum user experience which can only be attained by someone who regularly monitors user behavior or one who analyses the ranking pattern of different sites on search engines. It’s difficult for someone who is already managing a business. They are too busy working on increasing customer satisfaction. It’s almost impossible for them to manage a business and website together and optimizing user experience at both ends. For all those, our SEO Company Digital Dear is one of the top options to attain perfection in the digital market.

Digital Dear is an SEO agency in Delhi, we breathe on SEO and keep analyzing the changes and optimization, search engines make in their ranking algorithms thus making a website completely suitable to rank on the top page of targeted keywords.

Why Choose Digital Dear for SEO?

Unlike other SEO agencies that focus on maximum traffic for a website. We aim towards bringing the most valuable traffic to a website. Our SEO Company targets to maximize ROI with growth in traffic.

We have teams of best SEO service consultants from Delhi who will work with your in house team. We not only optimize your webpage but keep on working, analyzing, and cracking through competition on keywords until we make it to a stable rank in search engines.

We do not hide back any tactic from your managing desk or make any fake promises. Our team of SEO experts in Delhi monitor and analyze a website before taking any work in hand. If we said we will rank a website on the top page of a search engine, be sure that we will do it. Our commitment towards SEO services is crystal clear to one seeking our SEO Company. We do not end our campaign merely by ranking your page on the top page. We continue till we reach a stable rank and more than rank we try making conversions of mere traffic into interested customers. After a client is satisfied with the rank and stable growth of the website we end our campaign.

We are always ready and available for any queries of clients. Unlike other consulting companies. Digital Dear India does not put false glamour over its tactics. We work consistently to keep a site rank on the top page.

Our SEO Strategy

Our team of expert SEO consultants have been doing search engine optimization for a long time and are having a good hold on its nerves. They have studied the changes in algorithms over time making us the best SEO Company in Delhi. We do not believe in miracles. Our company regularly works on several websites maintaining its ranking. They have grown into well-experienced professionals. They give a very sharp edge to our firm. Our team knows all that might work for a website and what might not.

Audit of the website
Our campaign starts with an audit of one’s website. We check for all keywords the client wants to rank for, comparing it with the ranking position of keywords the website actually ranks for. Using different websites analysis tools we make a draft of how much work a website needs on-page and off-page to completely optimize for keywords of its worth. Analysis of every gap helps in making a suitable architecture of an SEO plan for a website. We do not work in scattered websites. We believe in optimization from scratch. A team of experts monitors the website with different perspectives giving us diversified views of every widget and pages on the website. A well-analyzed architecture of website gives our team scope of setting up perfect plans for page optimization

Keyword research
With suitable keywords in place, 20% of website optimization is done. Thus our team works most over finding the best keywords for web pages to rank. We also keep an eye on its traffic generation and conversion rates of competition.

With the help of keyword research tools, we find the most suitable keyword for websites to rank. We find and analyze all long tail and short tail keywords a website must rank to get the most effective traffic which later on converts into customers for the client. We even look at the trends of the keywords and choose the best keyword that could stand in the market for a long duration of time. Giving a client the most effective and stable source of organic traffic.

Analysis of competition
A business to be successful must always stand visible in the crowd i.e. every website has competition and it must focus on how to stand unique in the market where several businesses give out the same service or product. The answer to this question lies in the analysis of competition. A website must always find out on what terms the competition stands loose or on what terms the other is not able to satisfy its traffic and try to overcome that barrier on its own website.

By analyzing competition we determine what a website stands against and find how to optimize our site to crack the disability of the competitor’s website.

Making you the king of content
Content is the only thing that can withstand the changes in algorithms of search engines. Because ultimately search results are made to rank the most relevant pages on top. If a website is a gem in the tactics of SEO yet it does not have enough content to satisfy its users, it will never rank high in search results. And this is why it’s said ‘Content is king‘.

After we are done analyzing and choosing the best keyword. We move to a real job. Creating new content, making new posts and pages. Improving a website’s SERP visibility. We do on-page.

SEO, finding the best title, Meta tags, and images forming a network of internal linking makes the best site architecture in order to enhance the user experience. Our content is always at the ideal mark of title tag limits, Meta tag pixels, keyword density, etc. We write content keeping the convincing language in mind trying our best to convert the traffic into customers. We try best to answer all queries that one might be seeking on the web page.

Link Building
We audit a website’s link profile, analyze different websites linking to the client’s website, and eliminate negative or toxic links that might be trying to defame the authority of the client in the market. We work on implementing a white-hat link which ultimately will increase domain authority of the client as well as will be a traffic magnet for our website. Our focus is always on building strategy to build a strong authority of the website resulting in increasing its ranking.

Report on your desk
We track a website’s growth monthly. Using webmaster tools and other analytics we keep records of all users client websites have generated within the given month. The amount of conversation generated through search results organically and other sources. The amount of traffic that turned out into customers. The bounce rates of users over different web pages and posts. We keep a complete activity record of the website and keep implementing new lines of actions to enhance a website user experience to reach the desired goal of clients. Also, we keep reporting our clients of all the changes we make, from post to widget to design and user interface. We do not keep any shades in between the client and us.

Our team of consultants is always available for any query that arises in clients. Keeping the client’s satisfaction on top we work to achieve a complete and well-developed website that is completely optimized to rank in the top page of search engines dominating its competitors generating a stable increase in traffic and an increase in their return in investment on Digital Dear India.

In this competitive space of digital marketing. We make your best chance to stand out in the market, dominating your competition and scaling your business to a whole new level. Show your faith in Digital Dear and we will make your website from scratch to gold mine of traffic.

We Are Your Partner To Digital Success!
Our SEO service is one of the best in Delhi and INDIA. As being in Delhi we have the advantage of understanding the trail’s users of a website have from India. As we have a team of professionals working for several years in the digital marketing industry, we are quite sure of what tactics to use on which website and how to take down the competition it faces. Our confidence is purely based on our experience in the digital world combined with several satisfied clients.

Consult with our team of experts and find out why we claim to be the best SEO experts. We provide an experience like an in-house SEO team to our clients at the cost of the outsourcing agency.

Results-driven SEO Company

We believe in transparency thus, we always share our blueprint with our clients, and only after convincing them, we take the job in our hands. Our motto is to provide bold and transparent service to our clients generating the best results their websites could ever attain.

We continue our campaign until we satisfy our clients to the maximum potential of their website. Only after giving them a status of consistent growth in their traffic and conversion rate we end our campaign.

Let’s increase your sales.
Digital Dear helps in optimizing your website to not to trick search engines but to make it the best serving size for the specified niches to users. Making a user-friendly site helps us to not only rank better but even makes the traffic turn into regular customers. This is why we say we do not aim at traffic; we aim at maximizing return on the investment made by our clients.

We resolve any query in the mind of our clients giving them the maximum vision of our plan.