Website Designing Company in Gurgaon

Digital Dear is a full-service digital marketing and website designing company, specialized in web design and development. We are professionals in what we do, our motto is to create, maintain, and enhance websites with the most effective yet affordable user interface for our clients. We put our creativity and experience blending it with our client’s desire bringing out the best custom designs for websites. We are the most effective and efficient team of website designers in Gurgaon. Whether it is a simple blog, service providing a website, or a complex e-commerce site with a huge amount of custom widget our team always comes up with the best designs for all of them.

We take our time to understand the users each website has, taking an audit of its niche we come up with the best UI that gives the highest user experience to the client’s website.

Website Designing Company in Gurgaon

We can help you, no matter where in India (or the world) you are.

In this modern era, online services and digital marketing have turned out to become one of the key factors in dominating the competition. The one with the most effective and catchy web design and perfect user interface drags most customers from its traffic. Not only businesses but even individual service provides or bloggers need a perfect UI to convert their one time visitors to regular readers. To nail down the competition one must have a well-performing and user-friendly website. Here is when we come into play, we are one of the best website designing companies based in Gurgaon. Our job is to create the most effective website interface to attend the users of the webpage.

We are a team of professional website designers, programmers working to make a website customized for your very own users. We are not one of those who use only templates and pre-designed interfaces to build a website. We work with our clients and craft their website as per their needs and desires. We craft custom templates and widget to make your website up to your desires and responsive to users. Our aim is not to make a website just look awesome but we aim at making our clients’ website user friendly and responsive to different devices and search engines, giving the maximum ROI to our clients.

Why Digital Dear?
The right web solutions for your business

Well, there are several web development firms across the internet. What makes us different from them is our approach to website designing. We do not jump into the client’s website immediately after a contract, we monitor, analyze and compare with comparative websites with our experts and come up with the most influential design to cope up with the kind of traffic it generates. Our main focus is not only towards making a web page look vibrant in colors but to make it convincing enough to draw conversions of traffic to actually become customers. As we are established in Gurgaon, we understand best how Indian users interact with a website.

Learning and adapting with a user interface to present a service most convincingly we never disappoint our clients. We, Digital Dear, believe in transparency and trust thus our team of web developers work with clients in-house management and take our clients’ ideas of designs and work accordingly to give them the exact interface they wish for satisfaction and growth are the true earning of Digital Dear.

Our blueprint
We never leave behind our clients. We share all our plans and strategies to make the perfect UI for clients. We remain crystal clear with how we gonna make a website interface influential and better than it’s competition. We find what all a user of clients’ niche will seek for and after we have an audit of it we work on website development in Gurgaon. Our team of expert designers works with client management to put the best impression of our services at first glance.

It doesn’t matter, our clients want us to design a website from scratch or want us to redesign an already existing website. We always come up with a fresh and innovative design. Our web designing company never falls short of influential interfaces.

Our team is obsessed with developing SEO friendly and user receptive sites which can pull more and more traffic, leads, and deals for our clients. Assisting our clients to chase their dream goal, we, a team of best website developers in Gurgaon work fullest of our potential.

We constantly keep tracking our client’s queries and pull out the best alibis to them.
For us, client satisfaction matters the most. Our campaign includes web designing, redesigning, digital marketing, and support and maintenance service. We always keep checking at the technicalities of our client’s website. From traffic to server load, we make sure that the website performs perfectly.

Our web design and development Company is positioned in Gurgaon, however, we take jobs across the globe. We work with almost every kind of website, from blogs to e-commerce to the service provider web page to a brand representative website. Our services are for all.

Our strategies
We Digital Dear are well aware with all nerves of web development, we work to put our clients above their competition and help them drive conversions organically for which e follow golden rules of web designing.

Interactive Interface
Our team knows very well that the first impression is the last impression, we aim at answering the queries of clients’ users in the shortest time possible. Our job is to design the best user-friendly interface that holds the user at first glance itself, giving the client maximum time to convert the user into a customer. We design pages in such a manner that the traffic feels like to interact with it. The choice of template, widgets, images, graphics, logo, and even the tiniest technicality are designed keeping in mind the user interaction and experience.

Great navigation
Navigation is extremely important when it comes to web development; we at Digital Dear make sure that navigation of our client’s web pages is easy and smooth on all devices irrespective of screen ratio and display. We have learned that the time of web surfing has come to the age of mobile devices. People most often search for things on mobile instead of using a PC or laptop thus we design websites responsive to mobile devices giving the user a smooth experience in finding the valuable information of clients’ websites.

We work hard to plan out everything and plant every section of the website at this it the most. We value the time of our client’s users and navigate them to the most valuable content on the web page.

Well optimized and high-quality programming
We believe in quality content and so do the users. Our objective is to make a website complete with its UI to give the client maximum satisfaction and growth in their traffic, sales, and conversions. Our clients never regret their investments in us. We give the outcome of high-quality design that is formed after monitoring all the perspectives that might affect the user interaction with the site in any manner. Only after eliminating all the queries and arranging all elements of the website as desired by the client, we end our campaign.

We work with our clients to give them the most user-friendly content to their traffic and provide the highest quality design that could transform their traffic into regular clients.

From the early stage of our website development, we focus on conversion as that’s the basic necessity of our clients. We keep the call to action section always in mind while designing a custom website. We develop our approach according to the needs of our clients, some have called to action as a call to engage or check the store, etc we always aim at increasing the value of clients’ websites and make it a primary driver for the growth of their business.

Traffic growth
We work to see you growing at another level. We will work with you to establish a brand value of your own business through your website. Our team consistently works and reports to clients and suggests changes and optimization with increasing traffic and competition. We keep inspecting our client’s traffic and server load. Helping our clients offer an errorless flow of content to its users. We also keep analyzing what resources of the website are not performing well suggesting the clients make changes as per their targeting traffic source.

We make SEO friendly designs so that our client’s site always ranks higher and as a result generating much more traffic than ever.

Our Team of Website Designer & Developers:

We are a team of highly qualified web developers. We always move on campaigns with a structured team of web developers. Following is the team structure we follow at Digital Dear.
● Requirement analyst
● Project manager
● UI/UX designer
● Web developer
● QA engineer
● SEO specialist
● Marketing strategist

Requirement Analyst
The requirement analyst is the major planner and structure manager of clients’ requirements. He analyses the complete nitch and determines the time and to requirements for web designs that the clients agree upon. He is basically the first person to interact with the client.

Project manager
The project manager is like a conductor of our web development team. The job of PM is to get technical specifications and due dates set for the team. Based on his leads the design plan is divided into stages known as sprints. Then the project manager monsters the complete assignment and sees to it that the job is done on time by each sprint. After the assignment is ready, it showcases the assignment demo to the clients and get their feedback and act accordingly.

UI/UX designer
The design is a milestone that sets the direction for the whole project. Our web development teams comprise one designer who analyzes the project requirement to see the complete picture. With the picture in mind, the designer creates a frame which is a schematic arrangement of components on the website. After the designer sets the frame. He jumps up in actual interface designing.

While UX is all about study and configuration, UI racks for visual impression.Color schemes, fonts, icons, etc. In other words, the designer creates a prototype based on the UX stage and tests its interface. The prototype can be interactive or dormant.

Web developer
Programmers play a significant role in the web development team. They turn our designs into functioning assets. Our website designing company has top web developers in Gurgaon. They perform every requirement of clients on the page and make sure that user interaction is never compromised.

Quality assurance engineer
QA or a Quality Assurance engineer is another important website development team member. It protects the client’s site from bugs and invasion and keeps a check at the interface. The process starts at the stage of requirement analysis. Based on it, the QA engineers draw testing plans. After the development has started developers send each edition of the assignment to QA to check for all technical errors and client’s demand and authorizes it for further development.

Marketing strategist
The task of marketing strategists is to create a blueprint of the client’s business goals to reach its objective. This includes storytelling to user experience check.

In many cases, the marketing strategist creates a separate team to analyze different marketing channels and defines whether the business objectives are met.

In simple terms marketing strategist pulls out traffic to the site and converts them to regular customers.

SEO expert
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most popular ways to attract the right visitors to the website. In Digital Dear, an SEO expert helps the website design optimize perfectly to rank higher and give maximum ROI to our investors.

Web Design that’s tailored to Your Business

Are you a business that wants a website designed from scratch?
Are you looking for the best user experience design for your website?
Are you looking for the perfect SEO interface for your website?
Are you a business looking for web design experts to handle your site?
Are you looking for a perfect UI for your E-Commerce site?
Are you looking for a team of website designers who can help you beat your competition?
We have the answers!

As a leading web design company in Gurgaon, we understand the value of designing for purpose in order to improve the user experience. At Digital Dear, we design and build world-class responsive websites for businesses of all sizes across Gurgaon, NCR, and India.

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